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No Really, I Can Speak Icelandic

October 1, 2009

So after an epic 5 month summer vacation classes have finally begun.

It’s really quite ironic because when I came here I had thought the academic side of Waseda was going to be REALLY, REALLY easy… but it hasn’t ended up that way at all.

The reason? I am taking 2 classes taught in Japanese, auditing another, and of course some language classes as well. So in the end, while I had sort of come here resigned that I wasn’t going to be working that hard (OK, I was pretty excited about it), it seems that I’m going to have my hands full.

OK, do you guys want to hear a joke?

It’s actually very serious for me. But I’m sure it’ll be funny to you.

I signed up for a class called “Iceland, Language and Culture” taught in Japanese. It’s more like a language class. I knew that when I signed up for it. I figured it’s probably easy to learn a new language with my level of Japanese, and I’m interested in Icelandic too since I did a linguistics project on it once. Anyway, I know there’s probably no other time I’m going to be able to learn some Icelandic (Georgetown definitely does not offer it), so I signed up for this course.

But guess what??

It’s the CONTINUATION of last semester.

As in, the people in this course have already been learning Icelandic for 1 semester.

Add to this the fact that I don’t exactly know the vocabulary for conjugations and declensions in Japanese, and you can see why I may have screwed myself over JUST a little bit.

Well I was basically freaking out through that whole class this afternoon and was GREATLY relieved when at least half a dozen other students came up with me at the end to tell the professor they hadn’t taken last semester, either, we’re screwed over, can you help us?

So yes, I am taking PART TWO of basic Icelandic language. In Japanese. I’m really going to have to catch up somehow. And here I was thinking it’d be easy after Russian… hahaha.

I am going to the international club BBQ this Sunday and meeting another club that I might join on Saturday at a global festival thing. Also I have my first day back at work tomorrow. Should be interesting!!