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As Long As I Know Icelandic…

January 26, 2010

From now on I’m going to make this my stream-of-consciousness zone for my Tokyo life! I think I was trying to plan out my entries too much… hence the lack of updates. But from now on I will try to post more!!

So, I am currently going through final exams right now. It’s not really any fun. But actually the only thing I am really stressed out about is that little class called Iceland, Language & Culture that I am taking. My final is in TWO DAYS. Last week I was freaking out because, honestly, I didn’t even know how to say “hello” in Icelandic after a whole semester. But now, you will be proud of me, I’ve buckled down and studied studied studied!! I think right now I might be able to get a 40% on the exam. So I am still in “failing mode.” But give me one more day and you will see that I can totally pass this test. Sure, I still don’t know how to say “hello”… But that’s besides the point… possessives, definite articles, verb conjugations, declensions for all masculine, neuter and feminine nouns?? I know them!!

The second thing that has been occupying my time lately is of course Ancient Egyptian. I am going to my favorite museum in Tokyo (it’s the tiniest cutest thing!! I wrote about it in 2008) next week with one of my friends from the Egyptology department at Waseda. We’re going to see the current Egypt exhibit and eat Mexican food at my favorite mall in Tokyo =) Oh, but really what’s going to take up WAY MORE TIME than studying hieroglyphs or going on random excursions is a little project my professor has recently given me. It involves 700 pages and lots and lots of Tutankhamun-related jargon. Yes, I’m going to be a copy-editor for my prof’s dissertation. We’ll see how that goes…

Number three is work at the marketing company I have a part time job at. After finals I have a whopping 2 month break before the next semester begins – so basically all of February I am planning to work in Shibuya every day, 10-6, a real day job! I’m really hoping that I will be able to get more involved by being there full-time. Lately I’ve been so busy and we’ve had some changes in who’s working there, so I need to focus on finding a way to keep track of all the Japan marketing news, latest releases, campaigns, etc. in a more efficient fashion. Other than that, it will be the usual writing reports on all that news for our clients. And going around Shibuya looking for interesting new things in Tokyo. Fun ;)

I’ve worked full-time at this company before (summer of 2008), but back then I hardly new anyone in Tokyo and my life really completely centered around my internship there. This time it will be different because I have lots of things to plan outside of that job – excursions with friends, nomikai of course, a visit to my good friend in Kyoto, etc! So now it looks like it will be more like my summer last year in Washington DC, where I interned at National Geographic but really the fun stuff centered around Georgetown, campus, friends and M Street.

OK, so let’s hope I survive the next 3 days of finals week… then I get two (maybe three) nomikai, one musical, and a chance to finally sleep in!