Always Busy, Even When I’m Not

Yeah, so, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my Twitter is basically my blog now.

So if you really want to follow me and my time here in Japan… follow me on Twitter.

But, since this wouldn’t fit there, here’s a glance at my Tokyo life. Note, it is definitely not normal that I have almost(!) nowhere I need to be tomorrow. Finally, a day off!!


  • Sleep in as late as possible
  • Do laundry
  • Actually put away laundry
  • Collect my free veggie burger from Freshness Burger
  • Eat said burger with the $5 french fries which make it basically unfree while watching soap opera
  • Relax in cafe with a cappuccino
  • Do Tuesday’s Ancient Egyptian homework in said cafe
  • Check out that coffee shop by day/bar by night place (work-related research purposes!)
  • Buy air freshener, hairbrush, etc., at Olympic (Japanese Target equivalent)
  • Avoid lusting over that $250 green coat in the store near the station
  • Keep eye out for Ginger Hot Cocoa which is nowhere to be found
  • Clean room
  • Throw out that damn piano box
  • Sort crap on desk
  • Go to ayu nomi
  • Get pumped for Les Miserables on Sunday!!

Loved my leg warmers:


Japan trend: leg warmers


Shinjuku parfait with Haruka a few weeks ago

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One Comment on “Always Busy, Even When I’m Not”

  1. amyymburns Says:

    Haha, girl you are so cute! I genuinely enjoy reading your entries. It’s too bad you’re just twittering now…grrr…

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