A Waseda Dorm Room, Life in Tokyo Part I

So what is it like to be a university student in Tokyo? Well, usually it involves long commutes and living with your family. But if you are an exchange student… especially at Waseda… you generally get lucky with 1) a dorm room (very likely a single) and 2) a short, short walk to campus!

So I am living in a dorm for international students and I get my own room with fridge, desk, AC, bed, etc. and bathroom. The kitchen and laundry room is shared on each floor. There’s no curfew, like some of the 4-year student dorms have, and it’s in the middle of Waseda Street, equidistant to campus and Takadanobaba Station, which is the main train station that will take you anywhere in Tokyo. I have a really nice dorm room. I would even say it’s bigger than the singles at Georgetown…

Here's what you see upon entering

Here's what you see upon entering

As you can see I’ve bought a ton of stuff. The drawers, the mirror, the piano (yes. a piano).

My bathroom

My bathroom

I have a shower/tub… A lot of the guys have been complaining about the small size but it’s fine for me haha. And it’s really nice to have my own bathroom!

My desk, fridge & dresser

My refrigerator and dresser

My desk

My desk

I moved the fridge so that my desk can be closer to the window… not sure if I was allowed to do that.

View from my room

View from my room

I like looking out my window =) That road going up the hill takes you straight to Nishi Waseda Station, a 3-4 minute walk.

My bed

My bed

My dorm is only 7 minutes to the front gates of the main campus, walking fast (I’ve timed it). So it’s almost like Georgetown where I can roll out of bed and into class… but not really.

This is what you see turning left from my dorm on the way to campus

This is what you see looking back to my dorm on the way to campus

Busy street on the way to campus

Busy street on the way to campus

It doesn’t look that busy here but Waseda-doori is packed with students coming to/from Takadanobaba Station just before each class period begins. The whole street is jam-packed with ramen restaurants and used bookstores. A fun place to be =)

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5 Comments on “A Waseda Dorm Room, Life in Tokyo Part I”

  1. mpebbles Says:

    Nice view from your window!

  2. christine Says:

    cute bathroom!
    and window views are v. important

    but dangg, the first thing i noticed was all your bags, haha

  3. Christa Says:

    Jealous. I’ll take pics of my room, I have no room for anything!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I’m a fellow DC native and planning on studying in the SILS program at Waseda this coming September! Would you mind sharing what the name of your dorm is? I’ve heard about Hoshien and Sodai, but this looks amazing.

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