Japanese CLASSES!?

So I took my placement test on Wednesday and got the result yesterday…

It turns out I am level SIX, which is pretty awesome, because it means that I won’t have to take any intensive Japanese language classes – in fact, I don’t have to take any at all! Anyone from level 6-8 can take 6 credits of regular SILS classes, which are taught in English (ew), random Japanese electives (like kanji, newspaper reading, etc.,) or… drum roll please…


Classes taught IN Japanese !!!!!

This makes me SUPER DUPER excited because this is exactly the type of program I had been looking for when signing up for study abroad – but unfortunately, unlike Spanish and French study abroad programs, there aren’t really any Japanese ones that let you take classes taught in Japanese (presumably because no one really gets to that level, since Japanese isn’t as popular as Spanish or French). And in the end I guess I got sucked into the belief that Japanese is soooo difficult that taking classes in it would be absolutely impossible for me…

I guess Waseda doesn’t think so!

That’s crazy! But really there is no better way to learn than to take classes in it, I think… so I might be thrown to the wolves but it should end up being a good thing.

The only catch?

I can’t drop a course once I sign up for it. I MUST take it. Which has me pretty freaked out…

But I’ve decided to try to take 1 or 2 classes in Japanese. Someone I met at the nomikai the other night offered to show me the book of classes at Waseda – basically a Japanese RateMyProfessor – so my goal? Choose the easiest classes possible!

I am so pumped!

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