Japanese Italian Food

Today I met Haruka at her part time job!

She is waitressing at an Italian restaurant… something those of us who know her totally laughed at when we heard about, especially since she’s going to be a full time business woman starting next year. So, who here can imagine Haruka as a waitress? I think most of can, actually… and that’s the joke.

Bread madam?

Bread madam?

Waiting attentively

I had bread, a huge salad, spaghetti with crab sauce, capuccino, creme brulee AND the chef gave me another complementary dessert at the end and they gave me a free drink too! Everything was delicious and everyone was so nice! And I am extremely full right now.

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3 Comments on “Japanese Italian Food”

  1. Amy Says:

    Wahhhh, chyou kawaii! I hope she’s still working there in the summer cause I want to go visit! Keep up this blog, Nat. I’m really busy but I’ll try to check it every once in a while. Is there a way to subscribe?

  2. wakayamaboy Says:

    I forgot about your blog 許して!!!
    but now i have it in my blog reader, so i can’t forget
    Keep it up!

  3. tokyoesque Says:

    Thanks guys, lol
    And Amy, I don’t think she will be! Because she starts real work next March or so !! Come before then !

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